Seny Thread Rolling Machines

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Two-Roll Machines 

Our two die cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine which produces 18 tons of rolling force, can type up to 3 mm pitch screws, knurls and splines in a shorter time than machining. In order to bring Engineered Thread Rolling to the industry at a low expense, we have developed Mule Retrofit Kits for all your existing Bolt Makers, Vertical, and Horizontal thread rolling machines.

If the needle is going up and down while winding a bobbin, the bobbin winder clutch wants to be cleaned. Here’s a link on how to do that: – To get inside of your 830 to do this, you need to have to gently location the machine on it’s face (I like to put a thick towel on the table very first). There’s a screw on the bottom that releases the proper finish panel. To release the belt, there is a large hex screw beneath the decrease pulley, that wants to be loosened with an allen wrench. Then eliminate the handwheel and clean the shaft, the metal ring and inside the handwheel. Place new sewing machine oil on the shaft and put it back with each other.

Most fasteners are threaded on numerous flat-die rolling machines (horizontal, inclined, and so on.). The headed blanks are rolled in between a stationary and a moving die and the thread form is squeezed into the shaft in the course of the rotational movement.