Cutting Metal Cutting Machine

A CNC laser cutting machine cutting styles into a metal sheet. The TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber also configures other crucial settings automatically. The AdjustLine function modifies cutting parameters at the touch of a button to ensure reliable cutting of reduced-quality supplies. SeamLine Tube detects weld seams and markings on the inner and outer surfaces of the tubes, assisting operators check that the tubes are appropriately aligned in the machine and that the weld seam is in the desired position in the finished component.

Higher energy fiber laser cutter adopts Germany IPG fiber source with power saving, low expense, very good compatibility, robust stability, outstanding processing capability. We have a single pre-sale engineer team cooperation with our sale team for buyer queries of the fiber laser machine.

In unfavourable cases, this can damage the lens of the cutting head. To acquire clean cutting edges with CNC laser cutting, the laser cuts by means of the material in the middle of the cutout, the machine guides the beam along the programmed edge (Arrow 2), and cuts out the cutout with a clean cutting edge (Arrow 3).

Gear warranty period of 1 year, optical cnc laser tube cutting machine factory lenses can not be maintained. Laser generator has 12 months warranty, machine maintenance of life. We are providing Duel Head Laser Cutting Machine to our client. HACO fiber laser cutting machine with an integrated loading and unloading technique.

One of the major components of the CNC laser machine is the laser tube which can without having a lot of a stretch wear off, hence, right after a distinct time, it must be supplanted. Then again, the lifetime of the CNC switch machine relies on upon the devices for cutting and etching, the instruments are genuinely shoddy, so it can be stated that the CNC router is immortal.

YLM Group is Taiwan Laser tube cutting machine supplier and manufacturer with far more than 40 years experence. Considering that 1976, in the CNC Machine and Pipe Bending Machine International Markets, YLM Group has been supplying our clients high quality Laser tube cutting machine production service. With each sophisticated technologies and 40 years encounter, YLM Group often make confident to meet every customer’s demand.

  1. YAG sheet metal laser cutting machine is created with laser input energy 12 kW and laser output power 500 W. Compared to other brands, our products provide a higher efficiency of photoelectric conversion, that is, more than four%, even though other brands can only attain two%. Added electrical energy will convert into heat power, which might lead to the harm of YAG rod and reduction of device lifetime.

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