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Mechanical filter

Posted by Salvador Gonzales on

Stainless steel plate and frame multi-layer filter, is a precision liquid filter, the overall mirror polished, using filter cloth, filter membrane filtration, increased sealing strip, stainless steel pump.

The suspended liquid is pumped into each closed chamber of the filter machine, and under pressure, the filtrate is discharged through the filter layer and the filter membrane or other filter materials through the outlet, while the filter residue is left in the plate and frame to form a filter cake, thus achieving the purpose of solid-liquid separation.

Application range: Used in water treatment process, mainly for water treatment to remove turbidity, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange softening and desalination system pre-treatment, also can be used for surface water, groundwater sediment removal. The turbidity of the incoming water is less than 20 degrees, and the turbidity of the outgoing water can be less than 3 degrees. It can be widely used in electronics and electric power, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and electroplating, papermaking and textile, pharmaceutical dialysis, food and beverage, drinking water, factory and enterprise water, swimming pool, etc. It can meet the liquid filtration needs of various industries.
Product features: 1. low cost of equipment, low operating cost, easy management 2. filter media can be used many times after backwashing, long life of filter media 3. good filtration effect, small footprint

Mechanical filter and multi-media filter is used for the pre-treatment equipment of water purification equipment, the main role is to remove suspended substances in the water, solid particles of pretreatment. Its materials are made of various materials, such as: PE, steel lined with rubber, steel spraying and steel epoxy anti-corrosion, stainless steel, etc.. According to the filter media vary, the use and role also have different, generally have quartz sand, activated carbon, manganese sand, anthracite, etc.. Filter media selection quartz sand is also called quartz sand filter, filter media selection anthracite is called anthracite filter, filter media selection manganese sand (in addition to iron, manganese) is called manganese sand filter, filter media selection activated carbon becomes activated carbon filter. The main function is to remove suspended matter, mechanical impurities, organic matter, reduce the turbidity of water, adsorption, removal of water pigment, residual chlorine colloid and iron ions, etc. The machine can be selected according to the size of the filter volume and the size of the specifications, the use and operation is very easy.

Plate and frame airtight filter
Application range: ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation filter plate factory or clarification filtration in industries such as spices, wine, oil and grease, petrochemical, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, beverage, etc.
Product features: 1、Corrosion resistant and durable. 2、The filter plate adopts a threaded mesh structure, which can be replaced with different filter materials according to the requirements of different filtering media and production processes (primary filtration, semi-precision filtration, precision filtration), and the purpose of aseptic filtration can be achieved directly with microporous filter membranes. Users can also reduce or increase the number of filter layers according to the size of the filtration volume to make it suitable for production needs. 3、All sealing parts are made of silicone rubber sealing ring, which is high temperature resistant, non-toxic, non-leakage and good sealing performance. 4、The pump of plate and frame filter (or available explosion-proof)

DZBL series high efficiency plate closed filter (blade filter/plate filter/plate and frame filter) is a new generation of high efficiency filtration equipment designed and developed by our company on the basis of foreign technology. This equipment is ideal for solid-liquid separation or clarifying filtration in industries such as spices, wine, oil and grease, petrochemicals, chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and beverages.

The filtration components are all made of stainless steel and can perfectly replace the traditional “plastic plate and frame filter press” as the whole filtration process is carried out in a closed vessel. The plate filter can be customised for manual slagging and automatic slagging, which is very convenient to use and eliminates the leakage of material and pollution that occurs in the traditional “open” structure of the filter press. Two kinds of material plate filter for users to choose.

The main structure and working principle of DZBL high efficiency closed plate and frame filter/plate filter

The main body of the plate and frame filter is made up of the shell, screen, cover structure and automatic slag discharge device, etc. Among them, the screen is made up of multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh, which is installed on the central collecting pipe and is easy to disassemble and clean.

During filtration, the filtrate containing the filtering aid enters the filter through the conveying system (pump or other tools), so that a stable filter cake is formed on the filter mesh (the filter cake layer can provide countless fine channels) and then the filtrate to be filtered is actually filtered through the micro-pores of the filter cake layer.