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20 Cheap backpacking food ideas

Travel time always leave us beautiful things and memory. Meanwhile, we have to think about the suitable destination, journey distant, tour time and important point that how much money we plan to spend? Actually there are a lot of things to be considered related to travelling events and often small things need to be concerned more. Because, if you forget to prepare backpacking food, that is really bad luck for you as you lost one way to spend your time during trip on the way. Sometimes you have to awkward to sit in the train or airplane, or certainly you liking to read journal or magazines is also the way helping you pass through the boring time during journey. Whether you think backpacking food is important now? Certainly, expecting spending your time during journey, there is another effective factor that help you to care your children. If some boys and girls with you for the trip, I would say god bless you, expecting everything is going well without noise from your kids or no quarreling among your kids. On the contrary, backpacking food ideas absolutely is your trick to avoid your children noise seemly the sedatives to them. Well, what kinds of backpacking food you like below?

Certainly, the backpacking food we prepared should match basic requirement as health and nutrition and so on.

Lightweight, Ideally containing little if any water. Water is the amount contributor to food that is heavy.

Easy to east without cleanup, You will be Trekking at the daytime and won’t want to set up the cooker to cook.

High levels of nutrition, Hikers have been known to burn up to 6,000 calories a day. Making a story in short, you have to help you with high-heat food with enough protein, fiber and electrolytes.

Get ready for your whole day hike. Breakfast, what we eat? There are some good recommendations to you.

Tea bag

Dehydrated Scrambled eggs


Nuts and Seeds

Nuts are a delicious way to package in compact carbs, protein and healthful fats and oils. There are plenty of types of nuts too – peanuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans, pistachios, walnuts and pumpkin seeds to list a couple.


Lunch time, also we need the food according to the requirement, health, nutrition and convenience. Let us continue to collect it.


Beef jerky, salami and lettuce are my treasured non-cook meats for your road. Not one of them require refrigeration. All of these are high in sodium and protein. Great for a fast lunch.

Dried Fruits

Fresh fruit is usually too heavy and fragile. Dried fruit offers dense sugar that could be a much healthier alternative for candy.

Poultry or tuna pouches



Cheese can be quite a thick food for many ultralight backpackers. But, it can offer a Great Deal of fat and calories anytime.


If tortillas are too level, bagels will help provide that fine’fluff’ feel of bread. They’re a more pack-able and not as delicate alternative.

High in sodium and carbohydrates. Hang them on the exterior of your package with a bandanna in case you believe that they’ll get smashed indoors. Dinner, when you are very tired whole day hiking, what do you want at that time? I am sure that you hope there is a meal to ensure you with enough stamina and sleep whole night to ready for next day trip plan.

Instant rice, noodles, soups, black beans

Get noodles rather than pasta. Experienced noodles normally do not require a good deal of cleanup in comparison to creamy pastas that could leave your cup or bowl per sticky mess. In addition they have a Great Deal of carbohydrates

Instant Rice, the best backpacking dinner for backpacker. Additionally, there are hundreds of rice varieties with various seasonings and veggie fixin’s in the shop.

Instant Potatoes

Another backpacking basic and fantastic meal foundation. Ultralight backpacking meals with carbohydrates and sodium. Insert meat, spices or oil to liven this up.


Cooks in 5 minutes – much quicker than noodles or rice. The light texture may be wonderful dinner relief. High in fiber. Somewhat more filling within my view however.


I had never eaten this before the Appalachian Trail. From the legume family (with peas and peanuts), Lentils are an ancient superfood full of protein, carbs, fiber and Iron. Requires a couple of added minutes.

Besides above mentioned backpacking food, some of Snacks and cookie also can help you, but according to personal favour and different taste you have to choose carefully, let us introduce some below, to hope you may like it.

Energy Chews

Chews ordinarily have a gummy bear-like consistency. Some are sour, filled with electrolytes, whatever you fancy.

Energy Gels

Very similar to Energy chews, the alternatives for gels and goos are endless. Super convenient energy increase for fast calories.


Ready-to-eat black greens? I really don’t know of a milder or simpler green to chew while meditating. Seaweed is the greatest trail superfood. Check it out.

Peanut Butter

The best of backpacking food in my opinion. Crammed with fat, calories, protein and sodium. Ready-to-eat and can consume with practically anything.

Granola Bar

There are protein bars, energy bars, snack bars, nutrition bars, food bars. Ready-to-eat food, and usually high in nutrition. Kepp it natural and minimally process.

Every item is worthwhile to choose, different taste, different shape, but trust me that the value is same to you related to nutrition, full of our appetites, offering enough energy we need everyday. Certainly, these are only parts of food as options, you may find out more related food appropriated for backpacker and hiker. Try to search out some food you like through local supermarket or online shops. Wish every