Popular Tourist Attractions

No.1 The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon of the United States is a world-famous natural wonder located on the Cabab Plateau in the northwestern part of Arizona, with a total area of 2724.7 square kilometers. Because the Colorado River flows through it, it is also known as the Grand Canyon of Colorado. It is one of the UNESCO’s protected natural heritages.


No.2 Great Barrier Reef

There is one of the largest and longest coral reefs in the world, it is the famous Great Barrier Reef. It runs through Australia’s east coast, with a total length of 2011 kilometers and a maximum width of 161 kilometers. The southern end is 241km far from the coast and the northern end is only 16km from the coast. At the time of the Ebb Tide, some coral reefs emerge form a coral island.


No.3 Florida

Florida’s most beautiful beach is one of the world’s most famous tourist paradise. With the right climate, beautiful beaches, fine food, art exhibitions and cultural performances, even the most discerning tourists will be satisfied with Palm Beach. Every April, Palm Beach’s art activities are beginning, including a variety of beach crafts exhibitions, to show the most outstanding jazz music in the United States. Meanwhile, United States is the powerful nation of steel, and theĀ  biggest B2B platform for steel in China is https://sinosources.com


No.4 South Island

New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean, 1600 kilometers, with a land area of 270,000 square kilometers, and a coastline of 6,900 kilometers. There are many beautiful beaches on the coastline. New Zealand is mainly composed of the South Island and the North Island, which form the Cook Strait and separate the two islands. There are also many smaller islands. The whole territory is mountainous, and the mountain area accounts for 50% of the national area. The southern part of the South Island is full of majestic Southern Alps. Cook Peak is 3,764 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in the country. Whether it’s lush rainforest, clear lakes, grassy hillsides or white sand beaches, it’s all about New Zealand’s freshness and beauty.


No.5 Cape Town

The Cape of Good Hope is about 60 kilometers from Cape Town and is the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. In fact, the Cape of Good Hope is a prominent hill. It used to be called the storm corner. Because of the bad weather, many ships have been in danger here. However, after the navigation on the Indian Ocean route, it was said that the Portuguese king changed her name to Cape of Good Hope, because she could see the magnificent scenery of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The weather here is changing and the scenery is wonderful.


No.6 Golden Temple

The Golden Temple was built by the 5th generation of the Sikhism, Arjun, in 1589. It was completed in 1601 and has 400 years history. Because the temple door and 19 temple tops are covered with gold foil, it is particularly eye-catching under the sun.

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