20 Interesting places to visit in China

China is the third following behind the Russian as the first, Canada as second. Certainly, by Chinese folk-say, “There are various kinds of strange things in the great world.” this sentence is also adapted to the wonderful places and site as traveling.China’s vast territory, so there are many good landscapes and well-known scenic spots and places to visit in China. Certainly, different provinces or areas with distinctive landscapes. In south of China, there are many natural plants and ancient mansions as worthy to visit like Suzhou city in Jiangsu Province, Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province and Kunming City in Yunnan Province and a lot of other southern cities with intriguing and captivating scenery. However, in Northern of China, there are also many wonderful travelling venues like Harbin city in Heilongjiang Province, Dalian City in Liaoning Province and Peking as Capital with a lot of landscapes like The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace and Winter Palace and so on. Merely, in North of China even better landscapes should be in Winter, on the contrary, the scenic spots from South of China are worthy for spring and summer vacation. So in my opinion, no matter domestic traveller or tourist abroad, if you plan to visit to China, I suggest that you may visit Southern China as Zhejiang Province around April to June, travel Southern China as Hainan province on July to Oct., have a vacation time to North of China around November to February next year. Meanwhile, for domestic traveller we most like to travel HaiNan Island around winter time because may feel the summer hot weather during winter time for northern people.

After these common sense of Travelling China, let us feel some spectacular and enchanting scenery in China, so which one is the best place to visit in China?

1. Anhui Province: Mount Huangshan

A UNESCO World Heritage Site set amidst “the loveliest mountains of China,” Mount Huangshan, aka Mount Yellow, is a mythical trek for most Chinese. The 1,863-meter mountain is famous for its strangely shaped pines, breathtaking rock formations, hot springs and seas of melancholy clouds. A trip here supplies a mountain of atmosphere.At the present, major cities attached to Huangshan Airport by direct flights include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an.

Interesting places to visit in China

2. Anhui Province: Hongcun Ancient Village

The 900-year-old village of Hongcun has drawn in-the-know Chinese visitors, who love its tranquil vibe and distinctive architecture. The striking Huangshan mountain background (referring to No. 1) does not hurt, either. Its timeless constructions, Moon Lake and scenic locals are a inspiration for art students for years. Walking the narrow lanes paved with quartzite and visiting farmers operating in rice fields, with the manifestation of historical homes at the lake, must supply sufficient stuff to get you started on your very own visual masterpiece. Hongcun Village is approximately 70 km northwest of the city of Huangshan in Anhui Province.

Interesting places to visit in China

3. Fujian province: Mount Wuyi

A significant landmark in southeast China plus also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Wuyi has been the setting for its growth and spread of neo-Confucianism, powerful in East Asia as the 11th century. Bamboo raft drifting in the Nine Bend River (lower gorge) is a favorite activity among visitors. The two-hour, eight-kilometer excursions deliver grand views of Mount Wuyi. It’s the perfect approach to take in the calm beauty of these smooth peaks and very clear water. Mount Wuyi is approximately 350 km northwest of Fuzhou, the provincial capital of Fujian.

Interesting places to visit in China

4. Fujian province: Xiapu Mudflat

A humble mudflat is a favorite destination for Chinese photographers. A small region across the northeast China shore, nevertheless Xiapu gets the most significant and huge size of mudflat in the nation, encompassing 40 square km and over 400 km of shoreline. Together its tiger-striped shores, bamboo constructions and sticks, buoys and fishing boats give human counterpoints into the region’s natural beauty.

Interesting places to visit in China


5. Guangdong province: Fortress Towers, Kaiping

Erected largely from the early 20th century, the fortress towers in Kaiping were constructed by beautifully outbound Kaipingers, who brought home the numerous architectural styles that they saw overseas, including Islamic, Roman as well as ancient Greek. The towers were constructed as a display of wealth, and as a sensible method of protecting sailors out of theft and war. Around 1,800 fortress towers still stand amid Kaiping’s enormous rice fields. Kaiping is situated 130 km south of Guangzhou, the provincial capital of Guangdong. Immediate buses and ferries are offered involving Kaiping and Hong Kong.

Interesting places to visit in China

6. Hubei Province: One Incense Pillar, Enshi Canyon

Interesting places to visit in China

7. Hubei Province: Shennongjia

Interesting places to visit in China

8. Hunan Province: Fenghuang

Interesting places to visit in china

9. Hunan Province: Zhangjiajie

Interesting places to visit in china

10. Guangxi Province: Yangshuo

When the Chinese extended for views of this country’s most scenic mountains and mountains, they reserve a bamboo-boat cruise in Yangshuo. The riverside city in southern China is famous for its karst hills and traditional fishing-village way of life. Visitors can rent bicycles and visit the countryside to discover a more relaxing scenery: bamboo boats chugging across the river, anglers putting out with cormorantsfarmers toiling in areas with lush peaks towering above. Most travelers hit Yangshuo out of Guilin. Conveniently bound for Yangshuo depart every 15 minutes from Guilin Bus Station on Zhongshan Lu and Guilin South Railway Station. The journey takes around 90 minutes.

Interesting places to visit in china

11. Hainan Province: Guanyin Statue

Look past the shores of Sanya to obtain the world’s biggest Guanyin statue, erected near Nanshan, China’s southernmost mountain. The story goes that the three-sided statue confronts mainland China, Taiwan and the rest of the South China Sea — meaning the bodhisattva blesses not just China, but the entire world. In 108 meters tall, the figure was increased and enshrined in 2005 and is one of the tallest statues on Earth. The Guanyin Statue is situated within Hainan’s Nanshan Culture Tourism District, which will be some 40 km from downtown Sanya. Shuttle buses are available between Yalong Bay and Nanshan.

Interesting places to visit in china

12. Hainan Province: Yalong Bay

Hainan provides the very best tropical atmosphere in China. Yalong Bay is the pinnacle of this hotel escape. The 7.5-kilometer crescent beach is the most famous and developed stretch of Hainan’s southern shore. It supplies all of the wildest adventures of a Southeast Asian vacation, with as many luxury resorts as palm trees — even over 20 international luxury resorts line the shore of Yalong Bay. The beach can also be a haven for water sport musicians, for example surfers who occasionally ride uncrowded waves daily. If you visit in July, August, October or through Spring Festival, you’re going to be surrounded by Chinese households, largely athletic old-school swimsuits. Yalong Bay is 28 km north of Sanya.

Interesting places to visit in china

13. Hebei Province: Chengde Mountain Resort/Rehe Palace

The Shuttle buses depart from Beijing to Chengde hourly during the day, ticket is RMB 50.

Interesting places to visit in china

14. Henan Province: Longtan Valley

Major cities linked to Luoyang Airport by direct flights include Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.


15. Gansu Province: Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake, Dunhuang

China Southern operates a daily return flight between Xi’an Xianyang Airport and Dunhuang Airport.

Air China flies between Beijing and Dunhuang once a day.

16. Heilongjiang Province: Saint Sophia Cathedral, Harbin


17. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: Singing Sand Bay

The sand is singing, but what is the tune? Singing Sand Bay, aka Yinken Sand Bay, is a 110-meter-high dune, 50 km from Baotou, a significant city of Inner Mongolia. Sliding off a 45-degree angle, the end here is thought to sing in soft whispers. Batou could be hit from many Significant cities in China by air, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b6/86/88/b68688821d6f50ecb8d52c0dccc60aff.jpg

18. Jilin Province: Heaven Lake, Changbai Mountain

A dramatic selection of stalagmites and stalactites are coated in vivid greens, yellows and reds. The water cave includes the world’s longest underground river in 5.8 km. Of this, just 2.8 km are available by ship. https://jaytindall-remotelands.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/MG_0220.jpg

19. Qinghai Province: Qinghai Lake http://blog.absolutechinatours.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/niaodao-4.jpg

20. Tibet: Potala Palace https://cdn.britannica.com/700×450/79/178679-004-65E8C887.jpg

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